Danny (ex_danny215) wrote in matrix_philo,

Looking for creative people to write original Matrix short stories

I am in the midst of creating the ultimate Matrix website, with original content. The site is for Matrix fans, but will be different than any other Matrix site.

I am looking for people who would be interested in writing original short stories related to the Matrix. They must be completely original.

In return, I will post your story on the website and you will be given full credit, including you bio and image.

There is also a contest for the best stories: I will select a minimum of 10 short stories to be combined and put together in a book, which will be submitted for publishing. If the book is published, the winners will be given full credit, and compensation.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at thematrixisadreamworld@hotmail.com

Thank you for your time,
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As the creator of this group I welcome you. =) Please feel free to post original fiction here as well.

If either of you want to use some of these for whatever, feel free.
im very much interested
im a novelist who is on the brinks of writing a matrix based book
and i would be more than happy to create short stories for you to use on your site

you can e-mail me at squall_leonheart729@yahoo.com
or messenge me either on AIM at vaguetraits17 or on yahoo instant messenger under squall_leonheart729
my name is dallas by the way